A Place She Can Trust - HSNT Patient Story

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Sometimes, the power of inclusion and how important it is in a healthcare setting can be underestimated. Cassandra Davis, who also goes by Cassie, can feel out of place in certain situations, especially at a doctor’s office, but ever since she found out about Health Services of North Texas through a friend of hers, Cassie feels like she’s found a medical home she can be comfortable with. She sees HSNT as a place that understands her needs and knows how to serve her well, as she is a transgender woman. 

“I found out about this service through a friend of mine who is a social worker ,” Cassie says. “I needed help finding affordable healthcare, and I ended up choosing HSNT because it was the closest.”

Cassie has visited HSNT three times for various health checkups. Each time, she has seen Kerry Gamble , a nurse practitioner, and has developed a relationship with her that Cassie feels is beneficial to her health and well-being.

“I’ve switched over to [Kerry Gamble] to be my primary provider. She’s much easier to get in contact with [than other providers I’ve had], she’s closer, and she’s been very comfortable for me working with my health problems.”

Along with the other issues she sees Kerry Game for, Cassie also suffers from anxiety, which has been a problem in the past as her anxiety treatment  has sometimes clashed with her other health challenges. Since seeing Kerry, however, Cassie feels like she’s gotten a handle on that.

“I’ve had doctors that aren’t well informed about the specific health issues that a trans person faces, and…I was having issues with the transgender medicines [I already had] that conflicted with my anxiety medicines. But I’ve appreciated working with Mrs. Gamble because she’s more open to having a dialogue and listening to me. She’s not the kind of provider that comes in and just talks at me.”

Cassie says that she’s been to hospitals and other low-cost health centers before, but out of all of them HSNT is the one that has given her the best experience, with providers that treat her with compassion, and make her feel accepted and welcomed.

“This is probably my favorite in terms of quality of care and affordability. I feel consistently respected and that I’m getting good services when I’ve needed them,” Cassie says. “I’m used to providers coming in with a decision and just telling that to me [with no input from me]. That’s sometimes frustrating when I’m trying to get a point in that’s relevant, and they’re just not listening, but that’s not the case at HSNT.”

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