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Case Management in Denton, TX

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What is case management?

Good health isn’t just about finding the right provider and getting the right medicine; quality medical care focuses on your social, community, and financial health, too. That’s why Health Services of North Texas (HSNT) can provide you with case management from our team to assist on your healthcare journey. We know that everyone’s situation is different so our case managers take a close look at your needs and design a personalized plan to connect you to the right services and resources. Our case managers help provide community referrals for services, such as transportation, dental and vision assistance, medication assistance, disability paperwork, health insurance options, and much more. They are highly experienced in helping you eliminate the barriers you may face when it comes to receiving care. We have six locations in the Denton, Wylie, and Plano, TX area where you can make an appointment to discuss your needs at HSNT.

Do I Qualify for Case Management?

Upon the recommendation of your practitioner at HSNT, you can receive assistance and guidance from our case management team. We can evaluate your health needs and determine a course of action to acquire the care you need. You may need assistance in one or multiple areas, including (but not limited to):

  • Transportation to medical appointments
  • Link to dental and vision care
  • Navigating health insurance demands
  • Medical testing
  • Medication management
  • Prescription assistance

To learn more about how our case management team can improve your experience in achieving better health, contact one of our offices.


One of HSNT's case managers has this to say about working with patients, “I am honored to be able to assist with care coordination here at HSNT. I enjoy working closely with the providers, other care managers, front office staff, and management teams to support each patient’s needs and goals. My pride and joy come from knowing that patients can rely on case management for assisting with their life barriers.”

What Are the Benefits of Case Management?

A case manager takes the stress off of you. Think about all the times you've been expected to know everything about all aspects of your medical treatment or service, as well as all of the available resources related to it. With case managers, that's a thing of the past. Our experienced team works with you to completely understand your medical needs as well as community resources that could be helpful and we'll walk you through every step of the way.

Case Management FAQ

Why does a patient need a case manager?

The healthcare system is extremely complex and difficult to navigate, making it hard for most people who need medical care and mental health services to get the proper care they need in a timely manner. A case manager is highly knowledgeable and skilled at navigating the healthcare system, finding the correct forms and paperwork, identifying the correct doctors and healthcare organizations, facilitating communication between clinical staff, loved ones, and community agencies, and advocating for you when you need it. This also includes ensuring access to health services (transportation), health education, and securing financial assistance to cover the costs of healthcare.

What are the different levels of case management?

Case management typically has four levels, including:

  1. Intake — where we gather information, identify immediate needs, establish a relationship with patients, and find out how they can benefit
  2. Needs Assessment — pinpoint key problems and issues, establish goals, communicate challenges with patients
  3. Service Planning — outline actions to achieve goals, develop a timeline, determine ways to measure progress
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation — monitor success metrics, focus on quantifiable data

What skills do good case managers have?

At Health Services of North Texas, we strive to ensure all our case managers have an exceptional degree of knowledge and expertise to help our clients navigate the healthcare system and remove barriers to care. In addition, our case managers prioritize empathy, understanding, organizational and advocacy skills, good communication skills, patience, and the ability to adapt to changing situations. These qualities help us be more effective in understanding your unique needs and providing the help you need.


At HSNT, our professional case management team can offer you assistance on the recommendation of your practitioner. When you come in for a visit at any of our locations, ask your provider if case management is an option. Our case managers can be a beneficial resource for your health and well-being. To truly receive the help you need when it comes to every aspect of your healthcare, reach out to one of our offices in Plano, Wylie, or Denton, TX. 

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