Celebrating 18 Years of Service with CiCie Price

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We are proud to honor CiCie Price's incredible 18-year anniversary with HSNT, a life of dedication and impact on our community. From her humble beginnings as an intern to her multifaceted roles within Health Services of North Texas (HSNT), CiCie's commitment to serving others has remained steadfast, embodying the very spirit of our mission.

CiCie's story with HSNT began early on when our primary focus was providing care for patients living with HIV/AIDS. Originally, she found her calling in social work, a path she pursued with purpose and determination. She knew that she wanted to help others and give back because the support and resources she had received from organizations were instrumental in helping her get her life back after ten years in an abusive marriage. Her journey led her to HSNT while pursuing her degree in Social Work at Texas Women’s University (TWU) and she was looking for an internship. After a family member was diagnosed with HIV, CiCie wanted to learn more and figure out how to best support them through their diagnosis.

Reflecting on her growth within HSNT, CiCie's diverse roles—from case manager to clinic manager to her current position overseeing the Prescription Assistance Program (PAP)—have equipped her with invaluable experience. Each role has enriched her understanding of our community's needs and the resources available, enabling her to better serve our patients. CiCie's passion for helping others shines through in every aspect of her work, whether navigating complex healthcare systems or providing critical support beyond medical care. "I've been in several different positions... It all just comes down to one thing: helping our patients," CiCie reflects.

CiCie's impact extends beyond her job description. She is a compassionate advocate and source of hope for many, nurturing trust and empowering her patients through thoughtful care and simply being there to listen. Through her tireless efforts to break down barriers for patients, CiCie has facilitated access to vital resources, ensuring that no one is left behind. Her proudest moments come from seeing patients thrive and achieve their goals, knowing she played a part in their journey. "Anytime a patient comes to me and says, 'My A1C is down,' or 'I got the help I needed,' that's when I know we've succeeded as a team," CiCie shares.

Looking to the future, CiCie envisions expanding HSNT's reach and resources to better serve the community, driven by compassion and dedication. Her advice to others reflects her authenticity and resilience: "Be true to yourself. Don't hold back. You can't get help if you don't open up."

Outside of work, CiCie finds joy in simple pleasures—reading a good book with a glass of wine on her patio, indulging in Lifetime movies, and cherishing time with her family, including her four children and six grandchildren. And fun fact: she loves to ride motorcycles.