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What is Diabetes management at HSNT?

Diabetes management is critical for the health and wellbeing of those who are Type I or Type II diabetic. Having a care team that can walk with you through the many lifestyle changes that you will need to embrace and provide education to help you as you learn this new lifestyle will make all the difference. HSNT providers work diligently to help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels make the little changes that add up to big impact. If you or a family member has recently been diagnosed with diabetes, you may benefit from diabetes management at HSNT.

Diabetes (type 1, type 2, or gestational) can quickly become life-threatening if not treated properly. If you or your family are experiencing any of the following, please reach out to find a provider to help you get control of your diabetes right away:

  • You are not able to effectively manage your diabetes or control blood sugar values at home
  • You have diabetic wounds that will not heal
  • You have new symptoms of diabetic complications, such as neuropathy or retinopathy
  • You have trouble managing your weight with diet and exercise as a diabetic
  • You have other health issues that make managing your diabetes very difficult

All of these factors can be detrimental to a diabetic patient of any age. This is why we feel it is imperative to offer case management to meet the unique needs of the diabetic population.

HSNT patients have access to services that will help them control their diabetes:

  • If you have difficulty affording your prescriptions, HSNT offers a Prescription Assistance Program
  • Counseling
  • Case Management to help you connect to available resources
  • In house lab testing 



About our case management services

Services we offer in diabetes management for our patients:

  • Getting resources when needed, such as prescription assistance, behavioral health services, counseling, and more
  • Assisting with wound care
  • Helping with the facilitation of an emergency situation 
  • Making sure you are getting the medications you need, such as insulin, syringes, diabetic testing supplies, and more
  • Providing diabetes education for every day and emergency situations
  • Having a strategic plan for what to do when you experience hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia
  • Helping you recognize the symptoms of diabetic complications
  • Teaching you and/or your caregiver how to administer insulin correctly and how to check blood sugar levels and ketones

As each patient we care for at HSNT has their own challenges and health histories, we do our best to give care where and when it is needed most.

We also have telehealth Services

Even in times of crisis when medical facilities are not seeing patients in the office, diabetics do not have the luxury of putting a pause on their medical care. We are offering diabetes management through our telehealth services to continue getting our patients the medication, supplies, and support needed. Access to healthcare is essential to many patients at HSNT, but it is vital to our diabetic population. This is why we do our best to host appointments through our Healow app and keep a line of communication open for patients with diabetes.

Let's address Your Diabetes with Care

If you would like to learn more about our diabetic case management services for yourself or a family member you provide care for, please reach out of HSNT at your earliest convenience. There is no cure yet for diabetes. Having the appropriate access to medical care is essential to you and/or your family member with diabetes.

Request an appointment at one of our locations in Denton, Wylie, or Plano, TX to discover more about this impactful service.

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