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What are sports physicals?

Many school-related sports programs and extracurricular activities require a physical for your child to participate. Health Services of North Texas (HSNT) is happy to perform a sports physical so your child can engage in an activity he or she enjoys. Our Wylie Children's Medical Clinic offers physical examinations in a timely manner, but we advise you to schedule the sports physical a few weeks before it is due. This way, if your child has a health issue, we can address the condition. Our team of pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners can perform the exam and make sure the proper documentation is completed. If you want to learn what is needed for a sports physical, or would like to schedule an appointment at our Plano, TX facility, please reach out to us at HSNT. 

Let's Get Ready for Physical Activities

You can prepare your child for a sports physical by explaining what will happen during their appointment. We understand that going to the doctor and not knowing what to expect can be stressful for your child. Our medical providers will ask about his or her medical history and then perform a physical examination.

During the physical exam, our HSNT team will look for medical issues that may impact your child's health when participating in an activity. Your child can rest assured that this is not an invasive appointment, and we will make the exam as simple as possible. Of course, our providers will be thorough and make sure to collect the information needed to fill out your physical form. We will be assessing your child's height, weight, blood pressure, pulse, reflexes, and more.

If You Need Additional TEsts for a Sports Physical

Health Services of North Texas may offer additional tests to check out an abnormality or other health condition. For example, if your child has had a chronic illness or a previous sports injury, we may need to take extra steps to ensure they are healthy enough to play safely. At our Plano, TX facility, we also want to keep others from getting sick if your child has a contagious illness. We do have in-house testing and a laboratory for faster results.

Ask About Our Student Physicals for Sports

We know your child is excited to start a new season with a grade-level sports team or a community recreational program. Rely on HSNT for your child's sports physical this year. Our Plano, TX facility can provide you and your child with the documentation needed to play in their chosen activities. Our pediatrics team is located at our Wylie, TX office at the Wylie Children's Medical Clinic, and we look forward to preparing your child for their extracurricular activities.

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