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What do Doctors Check for During a Sports Physical?

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Most people are familiar with a basic sports physical — an examination by a doctor (or pediatrician) to make sure your child is healthy enough to participate in sports. So what happens during this appointment, and how does the Health Services of North Texas help?

This week, we explore the key elements of a physical exam and our role in providing comprehensive care for young athletes. Anyone interested in learning more can reach out to a member of our experienced team. Schedule an appointment in Denton, Plano, and Wylie, TX by clicking here.

Who needs a sports physical?

It is common for schools, teams, and leagues to require a sports physical before participation. This is done to ensure athletes are fit for the activity and do not have underlying medical conditions that could put them at risk for injury or worse.

A physical exam may also be necessary if an athlete has recently suffered trauma or has had a significant illness. Health Services of North Texas wants to check for any lingering issues or complications.

How to prepare for a sports physical

It is important to be prepared for a sports physical to ensure the best possible outcomes. Make sure your child is well-rested, hydrated, and dressed comfortably. Bring any relevant medical records, such as immunization records, to the appointment if needed.

Health Services of North Texas may ask about medications, previous surgeries, or family medical history. It’s helpful to have this information handy, too.

What do we check for?

Our pediatricians want children and young patients in Denton and Collin Counties to feel as comfortable as possible during the exam. This is why we explain each step of the process in detail and answer any questions they may have. Health Services of North Texas begins by assessing the following:

  • Height and weight

  • Blood pressure

  • Pulse

  • Reflexes

  • Posture

We may also ask them to do simple exercises to check their flexibility, balance, and coordination. If documentation is needed for school or team participation, it will be provided at the end of the physical exam.

Is additional testing needed?

Our doctors may order additional tests if we discover an abnormality or health condition that impacts their sports participation in Denton, Plano, and Wylie, TX. We want to make sure children are fully healthy before allowing them to take part in competitive activities.

In-house laboratory testing is available to determine any underlying issues. We also refer them to a specialist if we believe that further evaluation is necessary.

Which sports do children need to be cleared for?

Any child who participates in organized sports can benefit from a physical exam. It is especially important for contact and extreme sports, such as football, hockey, or rugby. Children may be at risk for head and neck injuries if they are not fully prepared. Pediatricians can also clear athletes for running, biking, swimming, and tennis. Our goal is to protect their health and ensure their safety at all times.

Ensure your child's success in sports

Health Services of North Texas has the tools and expertise necessary to provide comprehensive care for young athletes, from sports physicals to specialized testing and treatment. Visit one of our convenient locations in Denton, Plano, and Wylie, TX. Click here to schedule an appointment. We understand the importance of staying active, and we look forward to assisting your family in any way possible.