Individual and Family Therapy in Denton, TX

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What is individual and family therapy?

Would it help you if you could talk to someone about your mental health or just how to have better relationships in your life? At Health Services of North Texas (HSNT), we offer individual and family counseling services for people of all ages. HSNT has an integrative behavioral health program that provides individual and family counseling sessions for:

  • Life changes
  • A recent medical diagnosis for a chronic illness
  • Family dynamics
  • Relationship concerns
  • Feelings of depression/anxiety
  • Substance abuse/misuse
  • Stress reduction
  • Addictions
  • Behavioral issues

If you would like to talk to our experienced behavioral health team at HSNT, please reach out to us online or call for an appointment.

Counseling Services We Offer

At HSNT, our counselors can offer several therapy options for sessions:

  • Individual therapy
    Individual therapy consists of therapeutic sessions between you and your counselor.
  • Family therapy
    In family therapy, you may invite one or more family members to discuss issues as a family and ways to improve your family as a whole.
  • Relationship therapy
    Known to many as couple's counseling, relationship therapy is available to help you and your partner or spouse to strengthen the connection, work through relationship issues, and more. 

Behavioral Health With Telehealth Services

As permitted, we can have face-to-face counseling sessions at HSNT. You can discuss the best option for you and your family if you prefer to meet through an online platform. You can see your medical and behavioral health practitioners at HSNT through our telehealth system. Therapy sessions can be accessed through our private telehealth system with your access to our Healow app. Telehealth appointments are available for individual, family, and relationship sessions.

Therapeutically Addressing Your Emotional Needs

Managing your mental health is a part of great self-care and overall wellness. We are here at HSNT for patients and their families who need to reach out for additional assistance in times of depression, anxiety, crisis, loneliness, and more. We want you to feel connected and that you are not alone in your overwhelming feelings or situations. Please reach out to our behavioral health team for more information on how to start counseling for yourself and your family. We accept most major insurances, Medicaid, and Medicare at HSNT. If you are uninsured or underinsured, we can also offer you fees based on income with our sliding fee scale. We are here in Denton, Wylie, and Plano, TX if you need help locating mental health resources. We are here for you.

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