Substance Use Treatment- Outpatient

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About Our Substance Use Treatment

HSNT offers limited outpaitent substance use treatement through an integrated behavoiral health model of care. We have locations in Denton and Plano, TX that offer integrative behavioral health for patients with substance use and addiction problems. Our providers and licensed mental health providers work together to give you the care you need to take on your substance use issues. 

Our experienced behavioral health professionals can also assess your level of need for treatment. In the event that we feel that you may benefit from a more intensive program (including hospitalization), we can discuss that with you further to explore the best options. If you would like to learn more about substance use treatment, please call and schedule an appointment at one of our locations in the North Texas area.

What to Expect In Your Substance Use Treatment

When you come in for substance use treatment, you may also qualify for other behavioral health services as a part of our integrated healthcare. If financial obstacles and a lack of resources stand in the way of your treatment, our behavioral health team at HSNT will strive to get you the help you need.

Our Substance Use Treatment Options

HSNT can provide you with appointments within our primary care locations to meet with your doctor and behavioral health provider. We also have telehealth options for e-appointments if it is available to you. There are multiple combinations of treatment options you may need for substance use treatment, such as:

  • Therapeutic counseling sessions
  • Medication specific to your substance use/addiction issues
  • Medication management
  • Resources for transportation to and from appointments
  • Education on how to prevent relapse
  • Drug testing to keep you accountable

Linking You To the Services You need

Being successful in substance use treatment can be dependent on your level of support, the resources you have, and your willingness to go through our programs at HSNT. Regardless of your financial resources for substance use treatment, HSNT has affordable services for behavioral health. Let's start the process today to get you the help you need to address substance use. Request an appointment today.

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