Finding Hope in Humanity - An HSNT Patient Story

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Gillard faced a lot of childhood trauma that translated into trauma as a teenager and young adult. She knew she always wanted more for herself, she just needed someone to believe in her and give her the tools to succeed.

When asked what brought Gillard to HSNT, she stated, “HSNT is close to my home. Thanks to the proximity, I took a leap of faith and contacted you. I was apprehensive as I didn’t have a job and COVID had just hit.” She continued to state how she felt behavioral health services were a luxury and out of reach due to her current circumstance. “The fact that HSNT helped reduce financial barriers was a major help to me. It’s almost unheard of,” Gillard said.

Gillard feels at home with HSNT. She said, “The care I’ve received since being a part of HSNT has been compassionate and heart-felt. Words like, “you look great and you look happier” make me feel at home and like I’m a part of a true relationship with my therapist. With Jean Gray, LCSW, it honestly makes me emotional to think about her. She is literally an angel.”

When asked what life was before finding behavioral health services, Gillard said, “I was in a custody battle with my children and battling addiction. I was lost and needed direction. I quickly learned how caring Jean Gray is as a person. I know she has other patients and is busy, but it always feels like it is just me and her. I’ve never felt rushed or unimportant. She remembers everything I tell her, and I don’t take that lightly. Before starting, I was hopeless because there are a lot of presumed diagnoses from well-meaning people, but professional help is what I needed and sought for. I needed direction and didn’t know which way to go.”

Gillard went on to say how being treated like a human after battling addiction was paramount. She said, “I’d lost hope in humanity, and it was restored when I met Jean Gray.”

When asked how HSNT has impacted her life, Gillard stated, “I’ve now been employed for almost two years. I went from a young-mom and addict to recovering addict and employed with the tools I need to succeed through the behavioral health services. I know every Friday I get to release my emotions and anxieties from the week with Jean Gray. Behavioral Health is a priority for me now.”

If anyone is looking to improve their mental health, Gillard said, “Start with HSNT. It is a safe space, not solely because of the laws that protect my personal information, but the feeling that I get each session.

It feels good to know there are people, especially at HSNT that will help you understand your past so you can have a clear future. I received custody of my children and I know a big part was due to the aid I received through HSNT.”