HSNT has grown from its grassroots beginnings into a highly respected agency dedicated to making a difference in North Texas communities.


The organization known today as Health Services of North Texas, Inc. (HSNT) was formed by Dr. Richard Sale and his wife, Teel Sale, along with the help of many local citizens whose lives had been affected by Infectious Disease/HIV in some way. In the beginning, Infectious Disease/HIV Denton’s primary goals were to provide support groups, volunteer assistance, education to the community, and comfort to clients and their families in their struggle with Infectious Disease/HIV.


The agency grew as it became increasingly apparent how many people living with Infectious Disease/HIV were not able to secure the medicines and foods they needed. When federal Ryan White CARE Act funding became available, we became Aids Services of North Texas (ASNT), began providing comprehensive medical care, and our service area expanded across five counties with offices in Denton, Plano, and Greenville.

ASNT provided outpatient medical care, medical and comprehensive case management, housing assistance, mental health counseling, prescription assistance, food pantry, and transportation to over 500 Infectious Disease/HIV clients living in Denton, Collin, Hunt, Rockwall, and Kaufman Counties. As ASNT continued to provide services to the low-income North Texans living with Infectious Disease/HIV, it became increasingly apparent there existed wider unmet needs in the areas we served.


In order to serve a wider population, ASNT began providing non-HIV services. When the opportunity presented itself to provide Guardianship Services to Denton County, it was a natural fit. ASNT identified elderly and incapacitated people without proper care as a glaring community need and began providing Adult Guardianship Services in Denton County in 2007. As well, ASNT began providing low-cost mental health counseling services to non-HIV+ clients. To better reflect its wider scope of services, ASNT took the dba Health Services of North Texas.


In 2010, HSNT integrated the programs of the People’s Clinic of Denton County into its service umbrella. The People’s Clinic had a long history of providing comprehensive primary care to all Denton County residents, regardless of income level or disease status. HSNT combined all its clinic operations and opened a new Community Clinic next door to its Denton office, out of which it provides its wide array of primary care services to all residents of Denton County in need of medical care.


HSNT has grown from its grassroots beginnings into a highly respected agency dedicated to making a difference in North Texas communities. Our staff is committed to providing compassionate service using an approach that provides the highest level of care while giving our patients the tools they need to take charge of their health.

We serve in order to make North Texans healthier.

We are a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) and FTCA Deemed.