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What is birth control?

When you need medical services and access to birth control to prevent pregnancy, please contact Health Services of North Texas (HSNT) in Denton, TX. We offer many types of birth control options for both men and women. We can partner with you in all aspects of your health — even for your birth control needs. At HSNT, you can benefit from our well-woman exams, sexually transmitted disease screening, and treatment. Our services are free or reduced in price (to patients who qualify) and are confidential.

We have a team of board-certified women's health practitioners and nurse practitioners who will privately consult with you to determine the right birth control option for you. Make an appointment to discover your birth control options today.

What Are The Benefits Of Birth Control?

Access to birth control through Health Services of North Texas provides numerous advantages for those seeking to prevent pregnancy and manage reproductive health. Our comprehensive services cater to both men and women, ensuring personalized birth control solutions tailored to individual health and lifestyle needs. The benefits of utilizing birth control include:

  • Effective prevention of unwanted pregnancies
  • Ability to plan and space pregnancies for optimal health and well-being
  • Reduction in menstrual cramps and regulation of menstrual cycles
  • Lower risk of ovarian and endometrial cancers

Contraception Treatment Options

Some of the contraceptive options we can provide at HSNT are:

  • Birth control pills
  • Intrauterine devices (hormone-free or hormone-releasing IUDs)
  • Hormone patches or implants
  • Hormone injections (birth control shots)
  • Birth control implants

Protect Yourself from STI and STDS

Our birth control options may prevent unwanted pregnancies, but it will not stop the transmission of an STI, STD, HPV, or HIV. Please protect yourself by using a barrier (condom) from sexually transmitted diseases and infections if you are sexually active. If you are experiencing symptoms of an infection, please make an appointment to see your healthcare provider.

Birth Control FAQ

How do I know which form of birth control is right for me?
During your consultation at Health Services of North Texas, our team will evaluate several factors to determine which form of birth control is right for you. We can talk with you about your needs, lifestyle, and medical history and provide the pros and cons of each option. 

Are there non-hormonal options for birth control?
Yes. There are non-hormonal forms of birth control, including hormone-free IUDs. If you are desiring a hormone-free birth control option, please talk with our team to learn more about your options.

Is birth control covered by insurance?
In some cases, birth control can be covered in whole or part by insurance. If you have questions regarding your insurance coverage, you can talk with our finance team about your options. You can also contact your insurance provider to learn more. 

Birth Control Options Are a personal Matter

While there are many choices in birth control options on the market today, we believe in personalized care. Our team of women's health providers at HSNT is highly experienced and educated. They can explain which birth control options might be best for you and your lifestyle. Schedule your private consultation today at our Denton, TX office in Medical City Denton. 

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