Introducing Jean Gray, LCSW - HSNT Team Member Spotlight

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Jean Gray, LCSW joins Health Services of North Texas as a Behavioral Health  Team member engaging in the therapeutic process in order to restore and move towards a healthy mindset. Ms. Gray brings with her a tremendous amount of experience working in some very difficult situations helping people get healthy, including people that have experienced domestic violence, substance abuse, and mental health challenges such as anxiety and depression.  

Ms. Gray’s extensive experience as a clinical program director, therapist and case manager  have provided her with a wide range of experiences that have uniquely prepared her to serve HSNT patients with the highest quality therapeutic experience. In addition to her professional experience, Ms. Gray’s personal life experiences give her insight and firsthand experience. 

Ms. Gray focuses on using evidence-based care models for developing strategies that empower her patients in growth, healing and recovery. She had this to say about patient care, “I see a lot of hopelessness. It’s about me giving options and working with patients so that they can clearly see choice. I’m part of the helping relationship, not the doing. What a patient does for themselves they will carry for a lifetime, and it is my hope to inspire and empower them with resources for getting healthy.”

Ms. Gray wants her patients to get to a point where they can, “own their own space and be okay with being who you are, not who other people tell you, you are.” Shedding tears and sharing emotion are an important part of the process and it is a sign of strength when a patient can show emotion, not a sign a weakness. 

Jean is a mom to four wonderful children and has her first grandchild. Her heart for animals is big as she has 4 rescue dogs and loves caring for them.

Ms. Gray serves patients ages 12 and greater. Here’s a little secret, all of her patients can expect to have homework with weekly check-ins.