A Long Journey to Find Help - An HSNT Patient Story

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Annette’s move to Texas wasn’t spurred by a new job or for cheaper housing – it was to escape. After being put into a three month-long coma by her abusive ex-husband, Annette knew she had to move out of state to escape with her life. The family members that she lived with at the time made the move with her and they settled in North Texas, with all of them thinking that they had put their troubles behind them and that they could start fresh. But nevertheless, the effects of Annette’s abuse followed her.

“I’ve been having problems with seizures since I’ve moved here,” says Annette, which is not her real name. “I’ve never had them a day in my life…. I can’t work due to them. I’ve actually had loved ones find me behind the counter at my jobs with blue fingers, blue lips, and they’ve had to take me to the hospital.”

Annette’s move to Texas happened four and a half years ago, and the seizures seemed to be an aftereffect of the damage done by the abuse that put her in the coma. Not only were there seizures, but the effects from a bout with ovarian cancer 10 years ago were also causing her problems, and she was having a difficult time finding help here in North Texas.

“[In the state where I’m from], they give you medical assistance if you can’t afford it. Here in Texas, I’ve had to learn the hard way that they don’t help you, and I’m ticked off because somebody like myself, who worked 21 years as a nurse…I get here and I can’t get any help.”

Finally – years later – it was by chance that Annette learned about Health Services of North Texas.

“I met somebody, just out and about going grocery shopping. I was telling her about my situation…and that I wasn’t getting anywhere and that’s when she told me about HSNT,” Annette says. “She’s actually a patient there herself. We’re still friends today!”

Annette saw Ann Ellison, Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) and immediately took a liking to her as a provider.

“She’s up front with you, she’s honest, I really truly love her. I had a really good vibe with her and I don’t want to see anyone else. I’ve been taking the medicine that she had prescribed me for a week and it’s already doing an amazing job. My blood pressure isn’t high anymore, my seizures are under control, it’s been a week without one. I’m just really happy with the results.”

Annette has only visited HSNT a few times, but she already knows that this is the place for her. She understands that recovery will be a process, but it’s one that she’s determined to see through to the end.

“I have loved ones helping me, but I’ve just felt stuck,” Annette says. “I’ve just been living off them and I feel like a burden because I haven’t had any means of help. I’ve been going through a lot, but I’m finally getting help. [HSNT] cares more about me and my wellbeing than other people have – they’re willing to go above and beyond to get the care I need.”

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