Ann Ellison

Meet Ann

Health Services of North Texas is pleased to announce the addition of Ann Ellison, Family Nurse Practitioner to the Family Practice Team. Mrs. Ellison has 12 years’ experience in internal medicine, women’s health and family practice including pediatric experience. Before becoming a Nurse Practitioner, she served as a labor and delivery nurse for 8 years.

Ann Ellison, NP believes that the most important part of the patient visit is listening intently to what the patient is communicating verbally and non-verbally. Often what the patient doesn’t say is just as important as what they are saying. Mrs. Ellison recognizes that patients want to feel heard and cared for.

A patient recently had this to say about their visit with Ann Ellison, NP, “She was so friendly and informative. That made me feel comfortable and I was able to talk to her about my concerns.”

Ann Ellison’s approach to meeting patient need is based on where they live, what they can afford and what makes sense for them, all the while maintaining the highest quality care available.

For Mrs. Ellison, having access to a multi-disciplinary healthcare team, as provided at Health Services of North Texas, gives her the necessary resources to serve the patient holistically, treating the whole person, considering mental and social factors, not just symptoms of a specific disease.

She explains to her patients the importance of preventative healthcare, just as you take your car in to change the oil, it is just as important to take your body in for a check up too! “You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of others. My patients trust me and HSNT, and I don’t take that for granted.”

As Mrs. Ellison gets to know her patients, she is focused on long term goals and benefits of pursuing health and wellness. Her greatest hope for her patients is that they will feel safe to talk to her, so that together they can establish goals for long term health. “Medicine is a different language, it’s my job to translate.”

Dr. Jason Siegel, Medical Director at HSNT, expresses his confidence in Ann Ellison, “Ann draws from a robust clinical experience in her practice of medicine, combining heart-felt compassion with evidence-based practice in the pursuit of healthy people and their families.”

Ann Ellison, NP is practicing in our Denton office.

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