"It's like family taking care of another family member" - An HSNT Patient Story

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It's not uncommon in healthcare for patients to face barriers to access, especially when it comes to quality care. In Jessica Fuller’s case, she found her lifeline at Health Services of North Texas (HSNT). Her experience as a patient at HSNT has not only transformed her health but also impacted her life in meaningful ways.

Before her journey with HSNT began, Jessica dedicated 15 years of her life to teaching at a private school. Her passion for her students and her commitment to making a positive impact in their lives shone through in her work. She became more than just a teacher; she became a second mother to many, providing the love and care these children needed when they were away from home. Jessica's dedication and success as an educator earned her heartfelt letters of appreciation from parents who witnessed the positive changes in their children's lives.

Despite her success as a teacher and holding two college degrees, Jessica faced financial challenges that prevented her from completing her education. As a single mother, her life revolved around providing for her four children, and she took pride in maintaining a simple and self-sufficient life.

When diagnosed with diabetes, she quickly learned the importance of staying in control and on top of her health. Managing diabetes involves careful attention to high blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and overall health maintenance. This is where HSNT came into her life.

Jessica found her way to HSNT after being without a primary provider for years. Her primary health concerns revolve around diabetes, and HSNT has been instrumental in providing her with the necessary medications and supplements to manage her condition effectively.

What sets HSNT apart, according to Jessica, is the sense of family she feels when she walks through its doors. From the receptionists who greet her with warmth to the providers who treat her with respect and care, HSNT is more than just a healthcare provider. It is a support system.

Since becoming an HSNT patient, Jessica has seen significant improvements in her diabetes management. Her HgbA1c has been consistently maintained under 7 and her overall kidney function has greatly improved. Her journey towards better health also includes exercise, and HSNT's guidance on simple yet effective at-home exercises has made a noticeable difference. Prescriptions are just a small piece of the holistic treatment for HSNT patients as our providers take into consideration the entire person.

Her message to others is clear: "I encourage everybody to come here. The treatment is not only treatment; it's like a family taking care of another family member. I tell a lot of people about HSNT because I know they need this kind of service. It's amazing. You have everything at your fingertips for a small cost, and the people working here are like superstars and heroes."

Jessica's story is a testament to the impact that healthcare providers like HSNT can have on individuals and their communities. It's a reminder that quality care goes beyond medications and treatments. It's about creating a supportive and compassionate environment where patients can thrive. Her story is an important reminder of the positive changes that can occur when healthcare providers prioritize patient-centered care and foster a sense of community. 

Jessica's gratitude for HSNT is boundless. "I appreciate you guys, and I want to thank you. Even if I thank you 100 times, I can't give you what you deserve. Every single person here is a star and a hero, and they deserve recognition for their amazing service."