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"Everything happens for a reason and at the right moment."-An HSNT Patient Story

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Health and finances are two aspects of life that can quickly become complicated burdens, especially when intertwined. For Sadit Anticona, a devoted mother of three, the journey to find the healthcare she needed was nothing short of a miracle. Originally from Peru, Sadit, her husband, and their three children were faced with a daunting situation: Sadit required brain surgery for an aneurism, but they didn’t have enough money to pay for it.

"In my country, [brain surgery is] an extremely expensive operation. We had to practically sell all our belongings to be able to afford [it]," Sadit recalls. After she received the surgery necessary for her aneurism, she left Peru to live in Texas. "Thankfully, I had family [in Texas], and they have supported us a lot since we arrived."

Upon arriving in the United States, the Anticona family needed to find a new medical home that they could afford after uprooting their lives. It was on a fateful day that Sadit and her family were able to get connected to care with Health Services of North Texas (HSNT) after attending a local health fair, organized by the City of Plano. “When we first arrived, we participated in some health campaigns, for example, in a health fair in Plano and Health Services was there. They invited us [to the HSNT health center] because of the vaccinations for my daughters. We had just arrived, and they were starting school, and they needed vaccinations.” After her experience at the health fair and along with her sister’s referral, Sadit felt safe coming to HSNT for both her and her children.

The barriers Sadit faced were not just financial but also linguistic after coming to the United States. Finding an affordable place for her entire family, where they could receive affordable care without a language barrier was a daunting task.

HSNT, however, quickly stepped in to ease these worries. We not only provided care in both Spanish and English but also treated Sadit and her family with the respect and dignity they deserve. She underscores the importance of bridging the language gap and creating an inclusive environment.

"They don't treat you differently just because you don't have health insurance. They treat you well. They treat you as a human being," Sadit emphasizes. "That's what I liked."

Sadit also emphasizes the emotional aspect of her experience, highlighting that the staff at HSNT welcomed her family with warm smiles and courteous service from the very first interaction. She recalls the empathetic care provided by the front desk personnel and the medical staff, including a young man with curly hair and the welcoming demeanor of the entire team. The follow-up calls, appointment scheduling assistance, and help with medical exam incidents created a sense of security and trust that had been lacking before.

Her children also found comfort in the medical care they received at HSNT, and this was a huge relief for Sadit. "It's not like, 'Oh, I'm going to get a vaccine,' or 'I'm nervous about something.' No... it's 'Oh, we're going to go [see our doctor.]' The doctors here have treated them very well."

Sadit's positive experience at HSNT has led her to share our services with others. "Many people are afraid of the language [barrier] because I am mostly surrounded [by] Hispanic people," she explains. "So, just like me, they come to this country to start from scratch, they don't have documents, and the language is a fear because you don't know everything...In my case, I have always found a good experience, and I have recommended [HSNT] to more people," Sadit adds.

In closing, Sadit reflects on her journey with gratitude. She sees the people at HSNT as kind, good, and humane, who have appeared in her life for a reason. She firmly believes in the saying, "Everything happens for a reason and at the right moment."

"Finding a place where they treat you well, where I am happy, where I feel they help and understand me, is important to me because that's human quality," Sadit concludes. "It's quality."

Her fears, health concerns, economic worries, and family's stability all found solace in the compassionate care and understanding she received at HSNT.