"Every care I needed, HSNT provided." - An HSNT Patient Story

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Joseph Jackson has traveled all around the globe, his life a tapestry of adventures and dreams unfurled. Amidst his journey, he encountered a captivating soul, named Maria Victoria Wilson. Together they began to build a home in New Jersey for six precious years, until the cruel grip of fate intervened. Though they stayed healthy and jointly visited the doctors regularly, she was abruptly diagnosed with a brain tumor in their last year together, spending 75 long days in the ICU where she eventually caught an infection which spread into her bloodstream. As grief shadowed his days, Joseph heeded the call of family and moved to Texas where two out of his three siblings relocated to, to live closer to each other in the same state. Amidst the upheaval, he found relief in Health Services of North Texas (HSNT), where compassionate, effective care became his anchor, guiding him through the complexities of disability since 2005.

Reflecting on his early days with HSNT, Joseph fondly recalls his first encounter with Mrs. Erika Washington, his dedicated case manager. "Mrs. Washington became my anchor, helping me navigate the myriad programs and support services offered by HSNT," he shares. From health services to compassionate assistance with basic needs, HSNT provided Joseph with the comprehensive support he needed to rebuild his life.

Central to Joseph's healthcare journey was his primary care provider, Mrs. Laurie Mottl. With her expertise and commitment to his health, Mrs. Mottl ensured that Joseph received the care he deserved, even facilitating extended medication supplies to accommodate his world travels. "Before, I was only allowed one-month supply" Joseph recounts. "But Mrs. Mottl found a way around that limitation, ensuring I could continue my adventures without worry." Whenever necessary, his provider also gave him important referrals. “She assigned me with other health specialists for treatments she was not educated with, in the form of referrals, and that was how my healthcare needs were met - HSNT did that!” He shares.

One of the hallmarks of Joseph's experience with HSNT is the breadth of services offered. From routine medical care to dental referrals and even transportation assistance, HSNT stood as a pillar of support, addressing every aspect of Joseph's healthcare needs. "Every care I needed, HSNT provided," he attests, emphasizing the organization's commitment to holistic wellness.

But beyond the tangible services, it was the personal touch that set HSNT apart in Joseph's eyes. "What has helped me with having HSNT is a 'better quality of life,'" he reflects. "HSNT genuinely CARES," he adds, noting the stark difference between robotic services at other organizations and the genuine compassion he found at HSNT.

Through Joseph’s journey, he has found a renewed sense of purpose. "I have to highly recommend to anyone looking for proper, continuous, and helpful care for health and happiness, to seek out HSNT," he urges. "They are anyone's 'one-stop shop' if good help in health and happiness is what you want in your lives."

In Joseph's eyes, HSNT is more than a healthcare provider—it's family. "I'm a quiet type but love meeting new people and expanding my education by learning other cultures," he shares. "Past becoming disabled, the only way to continue in those interests is by having HSNT as my family." As Joseph continues on, he carries with him the knowledge he has a healthcare provider who will go above and beyond to help him, one step at a time and through all of the twists and turns in life.

Last year, Joseph even joined an HSNT Consumer Advisory Board (CAB), expressing his gratitude for the opportunity to contribute to HSNT's future. "It’s a wonderful feeling to NOW be a part of HSNT, have input, and participate with my insights regarding the advancement of this great organization!" he enthuses. "We as members serve 2 terms then rotate off. We meet every other month, 12 meetings total and it’s just nice to be able to 'give back.' I will always do my best to help make this program stay as wonderful as it is."