Brooke Daly: Patient Story

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It’s a situation that many Americans are in right now: you’re out of work due to COVID-19 and you have kids to take care of, but you just don’t have the money for your medications or for a well-visit. Plus, maybe you have an auto-immune disorder that keeps you from going out too much, maybe you just don’t want to risk getting your kids sick. You feel stuck. For the longest time, that’s how Brooke Daly felt. 

“I worked as a nurse in downtown Dallas for over 10 years…[but] in the last five years I’ve had multiple health problems, including cancer,” Brooke says. “And with my immune system the way it is, I can get sick so easily, which would…be very bad.” 

Brooke’s Health Services of North Texas Experience 

Brooke is a single mom with three boys who depend on her, one of them a four-year-old. Among other health issues, Brooke suffers from lupus, which is a disease that requires regular check-ups to manage. Health Service of North Texas’ Dr. Jason Siegel was the one provider who finally gave Brooke the diagnosis is after years of seeing other providers and not knowing why she was sick. 

“Nobody could figure out what was going on with me, and he finally did. And being a nurse, I’m pretty picky with doctors and who I like…. There are only a handful of doctors in this state that I trust, and he’s one of them.” 

Along with seeing Dr. Siegel, Brooke also has a history of seeing HSNT’s behavioral health counselors. She used to see Louise Weston-Ferrill, who is now HSNT’s Director of Programs, and now currently she sees Kayla Whitworth. 

“I saw Louise as a counselor for several years, way back when she was counseling there, so I was already familiar with HSNT through her,” Brooke says. “You know, it takes you a while to find a counselor you’re comfortable with… and Kayla Whitworth now…with all my health problems, she’s wonderful. I love her, too.” 

Now, Brooke sees both Dr. Siegel and Kayla, through HSNT’s telehealth system. She’s able to have well-visits and counseling sessions on her iPad without leaving her house and risking getting sick. 

“For me, with the auto-immune stuff, I’m more susceptible to getting sick. Dr. Siegel told me to not come into the office unless I was really sick, and it’s worked out very well, so far. Haven’t had any problems with it.” 

With her several health problems and her uncertain job future, Brooke is very grateful that her medical providers are caring there to help her through these trying times. 

“I would, and I do, recommend you guys to a lot of people,” Brooke says. “Unfortunately, there are not a lot of places that take Medicaid or that try to help people get care when they don’t have insurance…but Dr. Siegel, I could tell he was genuinely concerned, and he took the time to listen to everything I said and not blow me off. Everybody’s always really helpful, from the reception people to the providers.” 

If you find yourself in a similar situation and you need medical help or prescription assistance without insurance, contact Health Services of North Texas to get the care you need.

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