Pediatric Care That Keeps Getting Better - An HSNT Patient Story

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Maria has been taking her children to see pediatric providers at Health Services of North Texas for years now, ever since her son was born in 2015. From Plano Children’s Medical Clinic to Wylie Children’s Medical Clinic, and then back again when HSNT Plano opened it s doors in 2021, each experience has been better than the last. Maria has followed HSNT providers all these years because she knows that she can trust them with her children’s health.

“I was first going to Plano Children’s Medical Clinic, and then when that shut down, I drove all the way to Wylie to stay with you guys,” Maria says. “It was a far drive, but I would much rather take the drive than change pediatricians. Now with the new health center in Plano, I moved us back there since it’s so much closer to where I live now.”

Maria’s children have seen a variety of HSNT providers, like Dr. Jyotsna Kuppannagari and Bethany Ishmael, PNP, but now that they  go to HSNT Plano both of her children see Dr. Achala Ellepola.

“Dr. Ellepola knows us now, and whenever something happens to my kids, I always take them here. She’s very nice, very knowledgeable. As a parent I want to make sure that I’m going somewhere where the people there know what they’re talking about.”

Not only have Maria’s children enjoyed Dr. Ellepola’s compassionate, effective care, Maria has thoroughly appreciated the quality of all the services she has received at HSNT Plano.

“My son had shingles, and HSNT was able to refer me to a dermatologist and we got that taken care of, and he also had to go see a podiatrist [foot doctor] because he had flat feet, and you guys referred me there too. My son used to trip all the time when he was younger. So that was a big thing for me, that you guys were able to catch that.”

“With [HSNT Plano], the services are very fast. At my most recent visit, my daughter had some sores on her throat, so I called, and they gave me a same-day visit. I was in and out in less than an hour,” Maria says. “Now that HSNT has the online system it’s so much easier to make an appointment , too. I just like the way the providers and staff handle everything - it’s by far the best I’ve found.”