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It’s Never Too Late to Get Help – Jennyfer’s Story

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When you see multiple doctors over the years and hear the same unhelpful responses time and time again, you start to develop certain expectations any time you enter any sort of healthcare facility. Jennyfer Grisso had fallen into this rut herself, and when she was recommended to Health Services of North Texas by a friend, she had similar expectations for how this latest visit was going to go.

“I expected to be like everything else, where nothing was going to get done and I was going to get turned away and left wondering what to do next,” Jennyfer says. “Fortunately, it was not like that at all.”

Jennyfer has only been a patient at HSNT for about a month, but she’s been surprised at the results she’s seen from just those four short visits with HSNT’s Dr. Paul Starr

“Dr. Starr is an absolute pleasure to visit,” Jennyfer says. “I’m a very large person and he didn’t just look at me and go ‘Oh there’s nothing wrong with you, you’re just fat.’ He actually listened to what I had to say.”

Jennyfer came into HSNT with a whole host of issues: she has high blood pressure, was recently diagnosed as diabetic, has hormone problems, and s uffers from bipolar disorder.  With this list of ailments, it would be easy for someone to think that they were “untreatable” or were too much of a burden on a doctor, but Jennyfer says that her experience has been the exact opposite.

“From Day 1, I haven’t had any problems. They’re really cool with me if I tell them I’m bothered by something. He sent me for lab work, and I’m terrified of needles, but they made me really comfortable and got it over with quickly. When you go in there, everybody is warm and welcoming, everything is timely. I didn’t get the usual “you’re just overweight,” they worked with me and legitimately seem like they care.”

Since her last visit in December, Dr. Starr has put Jennyfer back on medications to help her bipolar disorder, and she says that it’s brought down her anxiety and gotten her to start sleeping again.

“I hadn’t been to a doctor in about 7 years. I had a lot going on when I came in. But I walked out with medications and solutions, and in the last two weeks I’ve been feeling better than I have in probably the last 10 years. HSNT is absolutely worth a try if you’ve had bad experiences with doctors in the past.”

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