Paul Starr, M.D. in Denton, TX

Meet Dr. Starr

Our board-certified family medicine physician at Health Services of North Texas (Denton Medical Center 4304 location), Dr. Paul Starr, enjoys helping people find their best version of themselves. He loves to ask his new and current patients, "What do you see when you think of the healthy you?" Dr. Starr believes each patient is a complex puzzle and every piece of information is valuable. Building on the information that is collected by the intake team, Dr. Starr tries to establish an easy flow of conversation to help determine the next steps in treatment. Together with his patients, he places each problem in perspective, establishes priorities to make the encounter valuable, and sets an agenda for subsequent encounters.

One of his patients had this to say about the care that he provides, "Dr. Starr is very friendly, personable, and thorough."


"The service that I have received every time that I had an appointment with Health Services of North Texas has always been pleasant and courteous. I don't have to wait long to be seen and doctor Starr is an excellent doctor. I am glad that my mom also has him as her physician."



"Dr. Starr is great! The staff is very polite also."



"The doctors and nurses I have had the pleasure dealing with have made my life liveable. Meds when I need them and referrals when necessary. Jean Gray and Dr. Starr are my favorites."



"Affordable Healthcare with knowledgeable and friendly staff."



"The doctor treats me very well and the people who are there at the window are all very kind. I recommend them."



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