Aira's New Pediatric Home: HSNT Patient Story

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When Hitesh Adhikari moved to Denton with his wife and daughter, Aira, they started looking for a primary care provider. As new parents, Hitesh and his wife wanted to make sure that Aira stayed on track with her regular checkups and milestones and that she got the best care they could find.

“My friend saw this post about Health Services of North Texas, and I Googled and read so many nice reviews,” Hitesh says. “So, I called, and we were lucky to get an appointment on the same day.”

According to Hitesh, Aira used to be unhappy a lot whenever she had a checkup. The strange building and new faces must have been a lot for her to take in. But when she met Sonja Estep, one of HSNT’s pediatric nurse practitioners, all that changed.

“When we met Sonja on the very first day, Aira was smiling and [Sonja] started interacting with [Aira]. We were very surprised, you know? I think Sonja is one of the best nurse practitioners we’ve seen. She’s very comfortable, professional, caring, loving.”

Hitesh and his wife are the kind of parents that have a lot of questions for whoever is providing care for their daughter  – they want to learn and make sure they’re making the right choices for Aira. Hitesh even has a little notebook that he brings to appointments to write down any thoughts or questions he thinks of.

“We’ve been to a lot of places, and with pediatricians, you know, parents have a lot of questions, and the doctors [we’ve seen] were not the best at being clear without becoming frustrated. Sonja takes her time and explains everything that we ask with care and patience.”

Hitesh is currently a PhD student at the University of North Texas (UNT), which is why they originally moved to Denton from their previous place in Memphis, Tennessee. As a student of UNT, he’s required to visit his school’s health center for any healthcare needs, but he has no doubt that he would get quality care at HSNT, too.

“Everyone at HSNT, we can all trust very easily. The most important thing is if you have limited funds, they work with the sliding fee scale , and the staff are very friendly and nice. I want thank you all for the awesome services provided for my daughter.”

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