Sonja Estep, PNP in Denton, TX

Meet Sonja

"It’s an honor to provide healthcare for your child. Every child is precious. My goal is to provide individualized and compassionate healthcare for every child at every stage of development in good health or illness."


"Bryan was happy about feeling that she was talking to him. I was happy because I felt like I was getting the information I needed to get."

B. J

Office Visit

"Sonja Estep, PNP, was wonderful. Perfectly focused on my 14yo and gave him an opportunity to explain his own health issue. Fantastic!"

B. B

Office Visit

"Sonja Estep, PNP, was awesome, she also provided an alternative care."

K. P

Office Visit

"Sonja Estep , PNP, is wonderful. Very patient and caring. Thank you!"

C. S

Office Visit

"Awesome service. Sonja Estep, PNP, is really great and helpful."

A. A

Office Visit

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