The Inside Scoop on HSNT's New Phone Tree

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Updated 9/2/2020

We’ve received a lot of feedback about our old phone system and what we could do to improve it – and we listened. As always, you can still reach us through our online form, but if you want to know what t o expect when you give us a call, check out this roadmap to navigating our new phone structure so you can quickly reach the appropriate team member with ease.

First Step

Once you call our main number, you’ll be prompted to choose your language, either

English (Press 1) or Spanish (Press 2).


Second Step

Next, you’ll be asking to choose between the following:

  • New Patients (Press 1)
  • Established Patients (Press 2)
  • Medical Records or Referrals (Press 3)
  • COVID-19 or Flu (Press 4)
  • If you are calling from a Hospital, Doctor's Office or Pharmacy (Press 5) 
  • To reach HSNT's Executive offices for non-medical calls (Press 6)

New Patients

If you’re someone who’s looking to become a patient, choosing this option will take you a queue and will be answered by one of our several Patient Service Coordinators.

Established Patients

After choosing this option, we’ll ask you to specify which of our health centers you would like to reach. Once you’ve done so, you’ll have the opportunity to let us know the reason for your call: to request an appointment, ask a medical question, ask a billing question, or speak to a case manager. After that final step, one of our bi-lingual Customer Care Representatives will answer and will be happy to help! 

Third Step

Health Center Selections:

 Denton Medical Center – Press 1 

 HNST’s Women’s Health Center (DSC) at Medical City Denton Professional Building – Press 2 

 HSNT at Serve Denton Center on Loop 288 – Press 3 

 Wylie Children’s Medical Clinic - Press 4 

 HSNT’s Collin County Center – Press 5 

Medical Records/Referrals

If you’re trying to get a copy of your health records or need to speak to us about an outside referral, this the option for you. Like the last option, we will ask you to specify which location you want to reach, and once that’s done, we’ll connect you to one of our Referral & Medical Records Coordinators.

COVID-19 & Flu

COVID-19 is on everyone's mind right now, and as we head into the flu season, too, we expect to hear more and more questions about both of these topics.  For all of your concerns relating to this, choose this option.

If you are calling from a Hospital, Doctor's office or Pharmacy

This option is reserved for hospitals, doctor's offices and pharmacies that are needing to confirm orders, prescriptions or need to speak to a nurse or HSNT provider. 

HSNT's Executive Offices for Non-medical Calls

This option will direct you to HSNT's executive offices, where we can answer non-medical questions. A staff member on one of HSNT’s administrative teams, such as Accounting or Marketing, will pick up and they will be happy to listen and answer any questions you have. If necessary, they will transfer you to the appropriate team member who can help you.

We're Here to Listen

Since this new system has been implemented, we have had amazing results – the best of which is an average wait time of just one minute! We’re always trying to improve our methods in order to provide you with the highest quality care possible. Your voice is important, and with our new phone structure, we’re better equipped than ever to listen.