Taking Care of a Teacher - An HSNT Patient Story

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One of the professions most affected by the COVID-19 pandemic has been teachers. Last year, as quarantines started and classrooms began moving online, so many teachers were struggling with adjusting to these new circumstances. For Pam Buris, a special needs teacher for Denton ISD, this struggle was especially difficult.

“I work with special needs children, and sometimes I need to hold them or hug them, and you can’t do those things now,” Pam says. “It’s an elbow touch, and an elbow isn’t the same. Even wearing a mask, you know, not being able to smile and connect with those students like I normally would be able to has been hard.”

Fortunately, in the midst of these changes, Pam’s experience at Health Services of North Texas has made sure that, for her, getting seen by a healthcare provider wasn’t going to be another stressful experience.

“It was a friend of mine that was telling me about HSNT. Of course, I work with the school district, but their insurance cost is too high for me, so my friend was telling me that HSNT works with people with no insurance or lower income, and that’s how I ended up coming here.”

Pam saw Nora Aliev, FNP, during her visit and immediately fell in love with Nora’s bedside manner and expertise.

“Nora is amazing. She was so nice, she explained everything to me, and she just made me feel really good about my appointment and the things she was checking on with me.”

What Pam noticed the most during her visit was how Nora and the HSNT team addressed any issue she brought up – she was listened to and helped, not ignored or written off for another day.

“I do take blood pressure medication, and Nora was able to refill that medication for me,” Pam says. “I also have allergies pretty bad, and I hadn’t had my allergy meds in a long time because I couldn’t afford it, so Nora also made sure that I actually got my allergy medication. And with my allergies, my ears get clogged up, too, so the nurses even helped clean my ears out. It was so relieving!”

Pam walked away from HSNT feeling like she had been taken care of and is looking forward to her next checkup in a couple months.

“I haven’t had particularly bad experiences in the past [with doctors], but once I went to HSNT it just made me feel like I was accepted as a person and a patient. The medical team was very nice, and the atmosphere was calm, it was very clean…I would rate you all at the top – that’s just how great everybody was at HSNT.”

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