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Running in the Family - An HSNT Patient Story

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Blanca Parra and her family have strong roots in the North Texas community. She has three children that span a wide range of ages: a 22-year-old son, a 13-year-old daughter, and an 8-year-old son. Along with all of them growing up in Wylie and Plano, all three of her children grew up under the care of HSNT.

“When I was living in Plano, I was looking for a new pediatrician for my oldest son,” Blanca said, “and I liked the [Plano Children’s Medical Clinic] because it was close to me. And the kids, they loved it because every time we went, they took care of them, sometimes they got some little present or toy.”

But for Blanca’s youngest son, Ivan, there were some challenges that her other children did not have.

“Ivan, who’s autistic…he’s a very picky eater. So, when I said that he wasn’t eating good, they helped a lot with that, cause Pediasure is very expensive.”

However, Blanca says that the challenges brought on in raising a son who has autism have been eased by the support HSNT offers.

“[They] helped with the forms for Medicaid and for EasterSeals,” Blanca says, referring to the national non-profit that provides disability services. “We got in everything on time, no delays…. [Veronica] Teran, she’s great. We go and she is so professional. We feel relief [when we walk out] …every time we go Ivan is a handful, but everybody is patient with him.”

Blanca says that what she likes best about the providers that she’s interacted with at HSNT is that they’re clearly passionate about what they do and that they know what they’re doing. More than that, however, she was amazed at what the providers at the Wylie Children’s Medical Clinic were able to do.

“Ivan…never let anybody touch him. Nobody could take his vitals for a long time, like three years. In that time, 2014 or 2015…Ms. Kelly [Garcia] gained his trust…he let her touch him [for his vitals] for the first time. He was afraid of the instruments…now he lets anybody do it.”

Seeing how all three of her children have been under HSNT’s care since her first son was born in 1997, it’s easy to see why Blanca thinks that HSNT is a place that any family can come to and know that they’re in good hands.

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