A Shoulder to Lean On: Michelle’s Story

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They say good things come in threes, but sometimes the same can be said for bad things, too. Michelle Brown experienced this for herself in the late 2000s when she lost her job, which meant that she lost her health insurance coverage. After that, doctors discovered a mass growing on her pancreas, resulting in an operation that removed 70% of it in order to cut out the growth. Finally, on her birthday in 2008, Michelle received a call about some blood work she’d had done, according to the nurse, she was now diabetic. 

“I didn’t really go to the doctor before,” Michelle said. “I’d probably go to the emergency room if I got sick. I had insurance back then, I was working, but all the jobs I’ve had after that they never provided insurance.” 

Michelle, who likes to spend her time knitting with the crochet group that meets at the public library, is a Denton native with two children and a fifteen-year-old grandson. She is currently financially supported by her boyfriend and the small odd jobs she does when she isn’t limited by the mobility issues caused by her condition. 

 During her stay in the hospital for her surgery, Michelle was told by caseworkers there, and later at MHMR, that Health Services of North Texas was a place that would work with her financial situation to make sure she got the care she needed. Ever since then, Michelle has been with HSNT and she couldn’t be happier with her treatment, especially when it comes to Dr. Jason Siegel. 

“He enjoys being a doctor. And when you’re sitting there with him you feel like he’s there with you, and not thinking about the next patient. So far I really like him, he’s got a good sense of humor.” 

In her time at HSNT, Michelle has been a part of the Prescription Assistance Program, enabling her to get the medication and insulin she needs. She credits this to the staff that has helped her for all these years, particularly Cice Price and Ashley McGuire-Brannon, two of HSNT’s case managers for the program. 

“As far as my insulin goes, Cice and Ashley have done a great job. Lyrica is so expensive, I just couldn’t believe it. So, I really do owe a lot to Health Services. There have been times when I came up here and I couldn’t afford it and they said don’t worry about it…. So, I definitely believe in Health Services – because they’re saving my life.” 

Michelle was thrilled to learn about HSNT’s new location at the Serve Denton Center, just a half-mile from her house. Located on Loop 288, HSNT’s new clinic offers appointments with Dr. Siegel from 8 AM to 6 PM on Mondays and Thursdays. Despite the limited hours, this new center maintains the same high quality of care that patients have come to expect from HSNT, all while being closer to you!

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