Found " Right On Time " - An HSNT Patient Story

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Living with an infectious disease can be overwhelming and full of anxiety. Whether you choose to seek care immediately or a few years after, the care you receive should not only be informative, but full of compassion and care.

In Jordan Grahmann’s instance, though not immediate, he says he found HSNT “right on time.”

 “I wasn’t responsible with my health; I was ignorant of health practices, and it was mainly due to not knowing where to go” Grahmann says. 

Grahmann was referred to HSNT by a good friend and says it was one of the best referrals and has changed his life tremendously. 

Before becoming a patient of HSNT, I wasn’t receiving care because of fear of being judged and not receiving quality care due to my condition. 

Grahmann shared, “Since becoming a patient with HSNT, which might I add, has only been a few months, I feel seen, cared for and more informed than I’ve ever been.”

“HSNT has helped me gain access to care by being thorough and informative, way more than any provider I’ve had in years past. I come from a small town where a lot of information isn’t accessible to patients, especially when stereotyped. Laurie Mottl, Physician Assistant has left no stone unturned regarding my health information. She has not only given me information but is sure I comprehend and feel cared for during the process. I’ve received education and resources to better take care of my health. In a short amount of time, I feel so comfortable. It is so hard to build rapport with a provider as a new patient, as well as get appointments, I have been fortunate to not experience either since being a patient at HSNT,” Grahmann says. 

Like many new patients, Grahmann says his first experience with HSNT as a new patient was filled with much apprehension. He was pleasantly surprised by the care he received from his new provider and how he was treated by nurses and front office staff. Grahmann stated, “I was surprised to see how the front office staff welcomes me each time I have an appointment along with how pleasant the nurse is when she has to draw my blood and run my tests for me.”

When asked what barriers Grahmann faced to receive health care, Grahmann immediately stated, “misinformation, miseducation and the overall stigma surrounding HIV.”

“Since being in care with HSNT, I’ve been able to build my familial relationships by informing my loved ones of the information I’ve received. I learned, my family won’t know how to be there for me if I don’t get the correct information and pass it along to them. I come from a large family and being able to assure them of my health journey and progress has been transformational.”

“I tell my friends about HSNT often and anyone who is looking to receive quality care. It’s not every day that you find this level of professionalism and efficiency. I received a call back the same day to set an appointment and a week later to send over my documents. HSNT has given me hope in my health journey and reassurance that my needs can be met and exceeded regarding taking care of my health. You don’t always find that in a medical center, but I’m glad I did,” Grahmann says.

Grahmann is still in the beginning stages of his health journey but is committed to following his health plan intently and thankful he found HSNT to guide him along the way.