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Facing Her Fears

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For some children, going in for a checkup can be a scary experience. Either the office smells funny, the doctor’s stethoscope is cold, and you really, really don’t want to get your shots. One pediatric patient, Olivia, had these same reservations when she first started seeing Joseph Hallock, one of HSNT’s Pediatric Nurse Practitioners.

“Olivia had been coming down with so many fevers with no other symptoms over the course of a few months,” says April Molinar Powell, Olivia’s mother. “So we took her in to be seen by Joseph Hallock.”

To try to determine the cause of the fevers, Mr. Hallock decided to draw some of Olivia’s blood for testing, a prospect that Olivia was not excited about.

“The first time I went in to get my blood drawn, it was not a good experience because of how afraid I was,” Olivia says. “I was so nervous and crying, but the nice nurse said I could come back another day when I was feeling braver.”

The next time that Olivia came in for her second try, the team at Health Services of North Texas did their best to make Olivia feel safe.

“They were so encouraging and smiling at me the whole time. I was still nervous but between them all they did a good job at making me feel calm and brave! I am still afraid of needles and shots but every time I go in to get them the nurses really help me feel brave and confident that it will only hurt a little and be done quickly.”

April and her husband Antonio also have an infant daughter, Ivy, who they also bring in to HSNT for checkups. They know that they can rely on the pediatric team at HSNT for both their children as they continue to grow up and need reliable pediatric care.

“He took time out of his day to call us personally and discuss the different tests she would have done,” April says. “From our first encounter with Joseph Hallock, we have been very appreciative of the effort he puts into caring for our two girls and how well he answers and explains every question or worry we have.”

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