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Confidence in Her Care - An HSNT Patient Story

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Health challenges like high blood pressure and diabetes can be difficult things to manage. Unlike something like a broken bone, which can heal in a month or so, working to improve your blood pressure or diabetes takes time and long-term commitment. Having a reliable and caring provider in your corner to work with and encourage you can make all the difference – and that’s what Robin Faulkner found at Health Services of North Texas.

“[Years ago] I went to the ER for pain in my abdomen, and when they were all done, I was diagnosed with diabetes,” Robin says. “I didn’t have any insurance at the time, [but] HSNT provided me with healthcare.”

Robin has been seeing HSNT providers for many years, since before the 2017 opening of our health center on Mesa Drive, and she’s had great experiences with them all. With her newest provider, Nora Aliev, FNP, Robin has an even greater sense of confidence in her healthcare journey than before.

“Nora is one of the best because she takes time out to work with me and my medicines. Today, I say it’s because of her that I got my A1C down…. It seems like the other times I just couldn’t quite get the hang of it – and nothing against the other providers either – it’s just with Nora, she’s just a fun person and we work out strategies together. That’s why I followed her to HSNT Plano.”

Due to other health conditions that keep her from working too much, Robin is on HSNT’s sliding fee scale, but she’s never felt belittled or ashamed going into her appointments because of her financial situation.

“I’ve never had a bad moment with anybody – the receptionists, the nurses, anybody. They were always polite and friendly, and the couple times I didn’t have the co-pay available right then, they were okay with it and let me pay it off the next time I came in,” Robin says. “I do odd jobs here and there, babysitting, you know. I’ve got carpal tunnel so bad that I can’t do much…but Nora’s been working with me on that.”

With the support of Nora and the HSNT team, Robin is doing much better keeping up with exercising, managing her food proportions, and even getting off of a couple of her medications because she doesn’t need them anymore.

“Nora really pushes me, you know? She’s been able to get me off some of the medicines, and I’ve lost a lot of weight. I’m just doing better. I credit it to her. I’ve still got stuff going on, but I’m still very pleased with how Nora is helping me. I recommend HSNT to everybody!”

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