Closer to Care: Lisa’s Story

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After 53 years of growing up in Lewisville, getting married, and raising a family, Lisa Anderson was moving away from the home she was so familiar with. A widow of 11 years, Lisa has been living with her daughter and son-in-law in Aubrey, unable to work due to a series of falls that have left her in chronic, severe pain. 

“I used to be so active,” Lisa says. “The first time I slipped, I was going into the shower. I stepped in over the edge with one foot, and I was going in with the other foot, and I fell on the corner edge. And that’s where the original injury happened, I’ve fallen twice since then.” 

Discovering Health Services of North Texas 

Before coming to Health Services of North Texas (HSNT), Lisa was regularly visiting Christian Community Action in Lewisville. Then, once CCA’s clinic closed down, she began seeing providers at HSNT’s medical center in Denton, and when Dr. Siegel joined the team, she felt like she had finally found someone who could understand her. 

“He’s so caring, so thoughtful, so endearing. The place is clean when he does procedures, he’s very personable, he will do anything he can for me. I felt like he was on his toes [first time I saw him],” Lisa says. “I just felt he was so friendly and into my case when he was in the room with me. He will not stop ‘till he takes care of you.” 

Serve Denton Center 

For Lisa, living in Aubrey means that if she has an appointment with HSNT in Denton, she has to drive for 20 or 30 minutes, depending on the traffic. Needless to say, it isn’t a drive that she likes to make. However, ever since HSNT has opened its new location at the Serve Denton Center on Loop 288, Lisa’s travel time has been cut in half. 

“It’s made all the difference. Cice [Price] helps me with the Prescription Assistance Program. That’s how I get my meds,” Lisa says, smiling. “I’ve never experienced healthcare like this before.” 

The new center on Loop 288 provides the same level of care as all HSNT’s other health centers yet is positioned in an area where many of HSNT’s patients live, providing them easier access to medical care. And, as Lisa has discovered, no matter where you go or which provider you see among HSNT’s six locations, you will always receive the quality care you need to get to your very best healthy.

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