A Deep Breath of Fresh Air - An HSNT Patient Story

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Asthma is a difficult disability to live with, and even before COVID-19, Sadie Hope was struggling with trying to manage her own asthma condition. Since 2015, when she aged out of her insurance at 19 years old, she had been trying to get proper help and to find a healthcare provider she could rely on.

“My mom was actually the one who found [Health Services of North Texas],” Sadie says. “She was helping me look for different providers and she stumbled onto HSNT. So, I called them, and they booked me an appointment.”

For Sadie, getting in to see a provider has always been a problem. Without insurance, she’s had to either see providers that charge more than she could afford or make her wait weeks and weeks for an appointment. When she booked an appointment to see Nora Aliev, PNP at Health Services of North Texas Plano, however, both of those concerns faded away.

“I only had to wait two weeks for this appointment…and I only paid the $35 [on the sliding scale fee], when other people have wanted to charge me more. Everybody in the office was very nice and professional, and Nora was able to get me a year’s supply of medicine for my asthma.”

Nora in particular was a reassuring presence for Sadie. After previous experiences of healthcare providers who rushed her, Sadie was very happy with Nora’s bedside manner.

“Other doctors I’ve seen would just listen to my lungs and go ‘yep, you have asthma’ and give me the meds, but Nora took the time to listen to me. It was like talking with one of my siblings, when I’m talking about my issues.”

With this renewed peace of mind, Sadie is better able to focus on her schoolwork – both for herself and her younger siblings.

“I help my mom with homeschooling my siblings…the 8, 7, and 5-year-olds. My cousins come over to get homeschooled as well. It’s a lot! And I just finished my second Master’s degree and I’m about to start my doctorate program. I do all my school online because I kind of have to be in a bubble due to my asthma. Going off to campus outside, it wouldn’t work for me.”

Sadie already has another check-up appointment scheduled to see Nora again, and she says she’s thankful to have an established provider relationship that she can depend on.

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