Mari Bailey: Celebrating 10 Years of Service

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We are thrilled to celebrate Mari Bailey and her 10-year work anniversary at Health Services of North Texas (HSNT) this year. 

Her story with HSNT began almost by chance. Frustrated with her previous position at an urgent care facility, she stumbled upon a job listing on Craigslist and decided to send in her resume. When she received a call for an interview, everything started to fall into place. She recalls, “My sister had asked me if I could bring her up here to see a friend who went to UNT, so we were coming to Denton anyway... I remember being like, oh, weird, and I'm going to Denton. So I told my sister, listen, I know I'm taking you, but I am just going to stop here, I'm going to see what this is about. I don't even remember the ad. But I remember being interested enough to send my resume.” What began as a serendipitous moment has blossomed into a decade-long career marked by growth and remarkable achievements.

Interestingly, Mari’s journey to becoming a nurse wasn't so straightforward. In fact, watching her mother work as a nurse made Mari hesitant about pursuing the same career. Her mother, a dedicated RN and midwife, worked long hours and was often away from home. “I knew my mom loved what she did, but she was never home. She worked nights as an RN before she became a midwife. I remember making her cry when I was really little because I wrote that she slept all day, and I didn’t know she was working nights.” Despite her initial reluctance, Mari’s mother persisted in encouraging her to consider nursing. Eventually, Mari gave in and took the exam, changing the course of her life.

Reflecting on her early days at HSNT, Mari shares, “I feel like in a lot of ways I grew up as a nurse here and the organization has grown up a lot.” Her role evolved from being the only LVN to leading a team. In the beginning, she would often joke as the sole LVN Lead that she was “the leader of myself.” One of Mari's proudest accomplishments has been her influence on the nursing team. “I am particularly proud of growing the team that we have now, creating a network of nurses,” she says. Her dedication to improving patient care and her ability to effect change within the organization has been a cornerstone of her success. “I can affect change in my role and go talk to people. I can talk to providers and see what it is that they're missing and see how we can better accommodate that.”

For Mari, HSNT is a vital part of her life and community. She emphasizes the importance of making the community better, not just for herself but for her family. “This community is where we live. My kids live here, so I hope to make it a better place for them.” Her devotion extends beyond her professional life into her personal life, involving her children in volunteer events to instill a sense of pride and community service in them.

Maintaining motivation and focus is crucial in a demanding field like healthcare. Mari’s positive outlook and resilience help her navigate the ups and downs of her work. “I think I tend to be a positive person, so things don't keep me down for long. It's not like it's a bad day. It's not a bad life. It's a bad moment. You can just restart it anytime.” Mari acknowledges the challenges but views them as opportunities for growth and improvement. “With every tragedy or with every challenge there’s an opportunity there as well,” she notes, demonstrating her proactive approach to problem-solving and continuous improvement.

She dreams of HSNT expanding further, saying, “I would love to see us in Lewisville and in Sanger. Serve Denton is going into Lewisville already and who knows where else.” They are a great organization, and we have a wonderful relationship, why not share space in those communities as well.

Beyond her professional life, Mari enjoys a rich and fulfilling personal life. She loves spending time with friends and family, traveling, and engaging in various hobbies. She shared a touching moment: 

“About a year ago, my youngest daughter was asked at school about her favorite family activity. She said, ‘When I wake up on weekends and hear music playing, I hear my parents laughing and cooking. We have to clean the whole house, and I don’t love cleaning, but that’s what we do on weekends.’ It hadn't been a formal thing, but ever since I got that feedback from her, seeing it through her eyes, we get up and we play music because we know that they like to wake up that way.”

Mari Bailey's decade at HSNT is a story of growth, dedication, and impact. Her life reminds us of the importance of confidence, community, and the drive to make a difference. As we celebrate this milestone, we look forward to many more years of her important contributions to HSNT and the community we serve. Congratulations, Mari, on ten incredible years!

Mari Bailey in 2024