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In Memorial: Dr. Paul Starr

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1965 - 2024

It is with a very heavy heart that we mourn the passing of Dr. Paul Shannon Starr. He had a medical emergency due to complications with a blood clot and passed away on Sunday, April 14th. We know that Dr. Starr provided incredible care and meant so much to his patients, for many he was a lifeline that they depended on. There are no words to describe the loss that we are experiencing here at HSNT. 

Dr. Paul Starr, enjoyed helping people find their best version of themselves. He loved to ask his new and current patients, "What do you see when you think of the healthy you?" Dr. Starr believed each patient is a complex puzzle and every piece of information is valuable. Building on the information that is collected by the intake team, Dr. Starr established an easy flow of conversation to help determine the next steps in treatment. Together with his patients, he placed each problem in perspective, established priorities to make the encounter valuable, and sets an agenda for subsequent encounters.

Dr. Starr had a profound impact on everyone around him. Some of his teammates had the following to say about him:

Dr Starr was the consummate physician: caring, kind, knowledgeable, compassionate, experienced. He was a delightful colleague and friend who had the best sense of humor and positive attitude complimented by his extensive base of medical knowledge which I envied. Every time I had the opportunity to talk with him, it was fun and enlightening. HIs advice was always spot on and appropriate. It was a privilege to have him as my Medical Director here at HSNT. He made me feel welcome and comfortable when I joined in October of 2023 and he was an inspiration as to what a physician should be. His memory will forever serve as a blessing and inspiration to all of us here at HSNT. I will miss him terribly....there are very few in this world like him.

I remember the first time I saw Dr Starr. It was a beautiful day at DC08 and I was helping Diana room patients for him. I had always seen him around when I was helping Nisha and Lijo, but I never had the courage to say hi. As I went to introduce the patient to him, the first words he said were, "you look too young. Are you in school?" This statement did not take me by surprise, because I get that a lot. I explained to him that I graduated a semester early from UNT with a degree in public health early and I am working here to get patient care experience in order to strengthen my application for PA school. He was really impressed, and he encouraged me and told me to keep going. He told me I am on the right track and helping the public and underserved is really rewarding. This conversation holds a great memory in my heart because Dr Starr was the first provider I opened up to about my future career. He would always tell me how hard working I am on the days he will drop by at DC04, which was my primary location. Dr Starr was an icon, a lovable person, an unforgettable provider. I send my condolences to the family, and I am glad I had the chance to meet such an incredible man. Rest in Peace.

Expressing gratitude and fond memories eloquently could go something like this: "I have been fortunate to have the pleasure of collaborating with Dr. Starr over the years, but it was in this past year, sharing an office space with him and embarking on a diabetes project together, that our bond deepened into something truly special. His generosity in allowing me to join him and his unwavering support made it a dream come true. While I've had the opportunity to learn from various mentors in the past, none have matched Dr. Starr's unique ability to teach without ever belittling, always striving to empower those around him. The dynamic in the workplace will undoubtedly shift without his infectious humor and jovial presence. Yet, I am committed to honoring his legacy by embracing the invaluable lessons he imparted, holding them close to my heart as I navigate the future. Dr. Starr's memory will remain a guiding light, ensuring that his impact is never forgotten."

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