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Debra Layman Joins Health Services of North Texas

Debrah Layman

During 2015 and 2016 Health Services of North Texas experienced a growth of 172% (7,814 patients) in patient care. Along with this growth we realize the need to add industry experts to our team. HSNT announces the addition of Debra Layman, R.N. as Chief Operations Officer.


In her new role, Mrs. Layman will look at scope of services and processes that are in place to ensure they are the most effective and efficient in support of our vision of a Healthy Community. Mrs. Layman shares her perspective, “One of the things that I have learned is that people are the most valuable asset in the organization. I am pleased to see as I come in that the staff at HSNT embodies the spirit of servitude and I look forward to encouraging that and creating efficiencies and opportunities that will strengthen the organization and our service to the community.”


Mrs. Layman believes that, “Health Services of North Texas is well situated to address and meet head on the challenges that our patients and community are facing in today’s health care climate. Being able to positively impact the community’s health care and advocacy needs is challenging and exciting. I believe that the care model in place at HSNT allows us to more fully address all of a patient’s needs, not just health care, but access to resources, education and support.”


Mrs. Layman has lived in North Texas for over 30 years. “I know and appreciate these communities. I am proud to have raised my family and served my community here in North Texas. I believe that direct patient care is the highest calling for a clinician, excellent care being delivered one person at a time. My desire has always been to have a positive impact on direct patient care. I have had the privilege and opportunity to oversee care delivery models for vast populations during my career. I am delighted to have this opportunity to continue my passion and true calling in supporting clinical operations and direct patient care with Health Services of North Texas.”


Mrs. Layman’s experience in managing large scale operations will significantly benefit the health and wellbeing the communities we serve through HSNT.


“I have personally experienced a traumatic health event in my life and understand firsthand how receiving quality, timely health care made a critical difference in my health outcome, without it, I would not be here today. The care that I received greatly contributed to the excellent health enjoy today and I want that same access and care for each of our patients.”


Health Services of North Texas provides medical care for the entire family, including prenatal care, behavioral health services and case management. We are driven by our mission of, “Improving the quality of life for all North Texans through medical care, support services and advocacy.” With more than 95% of our patients saying they would recommend us to a friend or family member, we are proud to be a Medical Home for our patients.