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Capital Campaign

Capital Campaign

Health Services of North Texas is excited to announce that we’ve been awarded a $1,000,000 Federal Grant to build a new Medical Center on Mesa Drive that will allow us to meet the growing demand in Denton County for medical care and support services. This lead gift has jump started the project and now we need community support to raise an additional 1.5 million. The Capital Campaign Cabinet is co-chaired by Andy Eads, County Commissioner, Jill Jester, Minor & Jester, P.C. and Dale Kimble retired Chairman of the Board of DATCU and community volunteer.


Denton County is a medically underserved area, meaning that the number of medical providers for our population is insufficient. In Denton County 98,827 people are medically uninsured according to the 2015 census. Of these individuals 17,000 are children. Health Service of North Texas continues to make a difference and with the help of our community we need to raise the funds to meet this growing demand through a capital campaign.


Over the past three years HSNT has served 24,741 unique patients and been the safety net for the many families, seniors, students and people of all ages that need medical care.


Health Services of North Texas providers see this need on a daily basis as they are treating some of the neediest in our community. Dr. Greg Jackson, our pediatrician reported that one of our patients recently said this of the care she received, “Thank you so much for giving us the care we need, we can’t get in to see other providers. We are looking forward to having a new space to expand to- you really need more space for you and your medical team.”


Wanting to take action, Health Services of North Texas competed for federal funds to provide the seed money for a new medical facility for our community and WON! With a strong commitment to the Denton community and recognizing the need, HSNT invested significant time and resources to win this million dollar grant from the federal government, HRSA (Health Resources and Service Administration).


The design of the building was strongly driven by the core medical care teams to reflect operational efficiencies that can be obtained with a well-designed floor plan. This new medical facility provides significant expansion from 11 exam rooms at our Denton Medical Center office on Mesa Drive to a total of 20 exam rooms, significantly increasing our capacity to see more patients per day.


The population in Denton County is projected to exceed 1 Million people by 2020 and we must have community support to meet the medical needs of Denton County. Take action today to get involved and learn more by visiting our website at healthntx.org and scheduling a tour with our CEO, Doreen Rue.


Health Services of North Texas is committed to establishing a Medical Home of comprehensive care for all North Texans offering a sliding fee scale to those who do not have a payer source, accepting Medicaid, CHIP and Medicare. Health Services provides medical care for the entire family from newborns to seniors, prenatal care, integrated counseling services, chronic and infectious disease care, and much more to the entire community.