A Bit of Health Services of North Texas History


HSNT has a rich history of caring for those in our community that need us the most and one of our founding community advocates, Barbara McCraw has been there with us since the very beginning. Barbara McCraw, Master Quilter, is a community advocate, friend to HSNT and many community groups. Barbara and Ernie McCraw connected to HSNT as soon as they moved to Denton in 1995. They served as volunteers, Board Members, donors, advocates, and friend to many staff and clients.


HSNT recently learned through an article in the Denton Record Chronicle that Barbara’s passion for quilting began when she was volunteering at ASNT. Denton Record Chronicle Article about Barbara McCraw: https://www.dentonrc.com


Doreen responds to Ernie regarding the Denton RC article:

I didn’t know the Names Project launched Barbara’s passion for quilting. You are both forever stitched in the fabric and mission of HSNT. Thank you for the love and kindness you bring to so many.


Message from Ernie McCraw:

Doreen Rue, we are so proud of you and the entire staff at Health Services of North Texas for providing such great health care for everyone no matter their ability to pay. You all have more than doubled what we ever thought the organization would be able to achieve when we were a small, struggling 501C. The Sales, both Rick and Teel feel the same about what you all have done for so many people. Sending our love to the entire staff and clients. And YES, Barb started quilting from the meeting room at ASNT on Fort Worth Drive where several clients and relatives of AIDS victims met weekly to quilt. She did a Names Project quilt for Rick and Teel Sale’s son and that’s how we became such good friends.


Doreen’s message to all:

I am thankful to all who fought to start and keep HSNT (formerly ASNT) going through the early years and for their continued support as we continue the mission of serving the community.


To learn about the Names Project, follow the link. https://www.aidsquilt.org/