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When to Start a Pediatric Immunizations Schedule For Your Child?

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Getting the proper pediatric immunizations can prevent your child from getting unnecessary illnesses. HSNT's pediatric providers at Health Services of North Texas in Denton, Plano, and Wylie, TX can help administer these vaccinations for your child’s health needs.

We recommend you start your child’s pediatric immunization schedule at around two months of age. Your child’s first immunizations will be necessary at this point. Many other vaccines will also be necessary afterward, but the rules for what your child needs will vary by situation. Be sure to plan your child’s vaccination plans to ensure they receive the necessary help they deserve.

What are the earliest necessary vaccinations?

The first vaccinations for your child should start at two months. Your child will require their first Hepatitis B vaccine. A second dose will be necessary about a month after the first one, and the third dose can then occur at about six months.

Other vaccinations necessary at two months include PCV13, poliovirus, and rotavirus. A combination immunization for diphtheria, tetanus, and acellular pertussis or DTaP will also be required at this point.

All of these pediatric immunizations will require a second dose one month later. The third dose should occur at 6 – 9 months if possible. Multiple doses are required to ensure the body has enough protection against these diseases.

MMR immunization is also critical

Our team at Health Services of North Texas in Denton, Wylie, and Plano, TX also recommends your child receives the MMR vaccine. The measles, mumps, and rubella vaccine is for children at least 12 months old. The first dose of the MMR immunization will occur at 12 – 15 months, while the second dose occurs four weeks later. A second immunization will also be necessary at 4 – 6 years.

Other vaccinations after one year

Your child will require further immunizations at 12 – 18 months. These include varicella, Hepatitis A, and possibly the meningococcal vaccines. The meningococcal vaccine is necessary for children with underlying conditions. Those who are healthy may not require that vaccine until 11 – 12 years of age, but your doctor can determine if the vaccine is critical now.

What about the flu vaccine?

An annual flu shot is necessary for protecting people from one of the most common medical threats that appears every winter. Your child can start using the influenza vaccine every year starting at 18 months. One or two doses will work during the first six years of your child’s life. Annual single-dose vaccination is effective enough from seven years onward.

Contact us today to start planning your child’s vaccine schedule

Our team at Health Services of North Texas can help you understand what vaccinations your child requires. Be sure to schedule your child’s immunizations as soon as possible. We can provide recommendations for vaccinations and establish a schedule that works for your child’s needs. We have offices in Denton, Plano, and Wylie, so contact us today if you live in Denton or Collin County and require assistance in managing your child’s vaccinations.