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We Dare You To Drink Water

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We LOVE challenges! That is why we are challenging you to our 7 Day Water Challenge! Want to know more? We interviewed a Health Services of North Texas member for some insight into this awesome challenge…


Why Is This the Perfect Challenge?

It’s perfect because it’s a short challenge, only 7 days! This makes it the perfect challenge because 30 day challenges can be difficult to complete.


Why Did You Choose Water for the Challenge?

Here in North Texas, we have long and hot summers. It’s common for us to enjoy the outdoors and not consciously think about drinking water. HSNT wants to remind our community to hydrate! Creating a water challenge encourages us to keep track of our water consumption while having fun! Not only does water keep us hydrated but water keeps our skin glowing and our muscles energized.


What Happens If I Miss a Day, Do I Have to Start All Over?

We’re all human. We get busy with children, work, and even commuting. So if you happen to miss a day, don’t sweat it, just start the next day and keep on drinking until you’ve reached your 7 days!


Your Picture Has a Gallon of Water. Do I Have to Use/Carry Around a Gallon of Water or Can I Use a Regular Water Bottle?

This challenge is completely customizable! The goal is to drink 128oz of water. If carrying around a gallon is too difficult, substitute it with a 32oz bottle and refill it (4x) throughout the day.


Once you’ve finished HSNT’s 7 day Water Challenge let us know by uploading a picture on Facebook and tagging Health Services of North Texas! Don’t forget to use your hashtag: #HSNT7DayWaterChallenge.


Happy Water Drinking!