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Staff Spotlight: Laurie Mottl, Certified Physician Assistant

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Laurie has been serving the community with HSNT for eight years, but that's not all she does! In her spare time she loves to decorate and is always looking for ways to optimize her space. Laurie feels she really makes a difference when it comes to her patients that suffer from infectious disease.

"I always truly feel like I’ve made a difference in a patient’s life when I can tell them that their Hepatitis C is cured. I've worked in the field of infectious diseases - specifically with HIV positive and Hepatitis C positive patients - for almost 2 decades, and up until recently I wasn’t able to cure either of these chronic diseases. It’s very rewarding to see the joy and relief in each patient as they finish their treatment and finally reach the point where I can tell them they are cured of a disease that they have possibly had for decades."