PA Week Spotlight: Karishma Patel, Certified Physician Assistant

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Having been with HSNT for 10 years now, Karishma Patel is a PA who has seen her share of patients and families in need. But she says that's what it's all about - quality healthcare for those who need it the most.

"I once had an uninsured pediatric patient I was able to convince into getting a 'shot' so I would be able to drain a very infected abscess. Of course, no child is a fan of shots, but somehow I was able to convince him to let me administer the injection that day. I completed the procedure, saving him and his parents a visit to the ER. His worried parents were so relieved that not only that their child was treated and would be okay, but also that they would not have to be burdened with the stress of ER medical bills. This is my why! Quality healthcare regardless of the ability to pay!"