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PA Week Spotlight: Beverly Johnson, Certified Physician Assistant

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Healthcare providers are in the business of changing lives. That's why PAs like HSNT's Beverly Johnson do what they do, and why she feels that her job is so rewarding.

"I performed a colposcopy after a patient had an abnormal Pap smear and precancerous cells history, [before I joined HSNT]," Beverly says. "The biopsy revealed Stage 2 cervical cancer, so I followed up with her personally. I told her that 'it's not what happens to you that alters the direction of your life, but rather, it's your reaction to that event that defines you.' [After her treatment] she sent me pictures of her new lease on life with her grandbabies she gets to see and hold because I believed and encouraged her to face her fear of the unknown. She is the true testament of how life-altering events can change your perspective for the better - and she changed my outlook on life as well."