Our Commitment to Your Health: COVID-19 Safety Measures

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In our continuous effort to maintain your health and safety, HSNT is going the extra mile in our efforts to keep you and your family safe from infection at our health centers. Last week all of our health centers were treated with a special antimicrobial disinfectant called BioShield. 

What Is It?

BioShield is a surface solution that aims to address the problem of how normal disinfectants eliminate germs but don’t protect against them. It’s EPA certified, and is even safe to use on food-contact surfaces.

How Does It Work?

In a nutshell, BioShield creates a long lasting “barrier” that attracts germs using special molecules and actually destroys them as they come in contact with the treated surface. There are no harsh fumes or odors, and once applied, this treatment remains active for three months. The best part? Our usual cleaning won’t interfere with BioShield’s effectiveness.

Your Health is Our Priority

Combined with our current system of regular cleaning and disinfecting, this BioShield treatment further ensures that you can come to our health centers with confidence and without worry. We pride ourselves on our commitment to your health – both inside our health centers and out.