Meet Veronica Teran

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Plano Children’s Medical Clinic is pleased to announce that Veronica Teran, PNP has joined our provider team. Ms. Teran brings with her a tremendous passion for health education and a wealth of experience providing medical care. Ms. Teran tells us this about relating to her patients, “I can empathize with my patients. I know where they are because I was there myself. As a child, my parents did not speak English very well.”


You see, once upon a time, Ms. Teran grew up in a family that was primarily Spanish speaking and they often found it difficult to access necessary medical care. From very early on she has always wanted to work with children so she began her career in nursing. She went on to become a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner because of her desire to do so much more to help families. “I love seeing the children smile and knowing that I am a part of their growth. I believe one of the most important roles I play is educating parents about the WHY behind their child’s health.”


You will find that Ms. Teran has a fun and warm bedside manner and your children will enjoy coming in for their medical appointments. What does she say to each of her patients? “Eating breakfast is important and don’t forget about those veggies!”