How Can Patients Living with HIV Maintain Self-Care?

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With HIV self-care, you’ll want to stay current on taking care of yourself by properly taking your HIV antiviral medications, undergoing any necessary medical treatments, eating a healthy diet, staying physically active, and managing stress so you can live a long life.

If you are struggling to self-care with HIV, then we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our team at Health Services of North Texas. We have offices located in Denton, Plano, and Wylie in Denton and Collin Counties. However, our Wylie location does not provide HIV services. At your appointment, our team will sit down with you to discuss how to maintain HIV self-care.

HIV self-care

Are you at risk of contracting HIV? If so, then you’ll want to visit our team at Health Services of North Texas for regular HIV testing. Also, you’ll want to consider finding out if you qualify for pre-exposure prophylaxis (or PrEP). The medication is taken daily by patients who do not have HIV but are at an elevated risk of exposure. Taking PrEP medication can significantly decrease your chances of contracting HIV through sharing needles or unprotected sex. Taking the PrEP pill in combination with practicing safe sex by using a condom offers some protection against the HIV virus.

Antiviral medications as a part of HIV self-care

The use of antiviral medications has become the foundation of HIV self-care. Untreated, the HIV virus slowly destroys the immune system, which leads to the development of AIDS. At Health Services of North Texas, our team works to ensure that you have access to all HIV medical treatment options.

Health Services in North Texas offers the following options for HIV self-care:

  • HIV/Aids testing
  • Individual counseling
  • Behavioral health services
  • Case management
  • Management of all HIV medications
  • HIV therapies
  • Pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
  • Medical visits
  • Prescription Assistance Program
  • Ryan White eligible patients can use transportation services for their self-care medical visits, insurance assistance, and housing

Our team at Health Services of North Texas in Denton and Plano offers management services if you are an established patient or have been diagnosed with HIV. The following services are available: STI and STD testing, counseling, medication management, medical visits for routine, urgent or sick, prescription assistance, and housing resources.

Importance of medications for HIV self-care

In the United States, around 1.2 million people are living with HIV and carrying out self-care. Currently, even though HIV is incurable, the virus can be maintained with proper self-care and medications which work to control the virus’s viral loads. However, antiviral medications do not prevent HIV, which is why high-risk individuals should consider PrEP.

At the offices of Health Services of North Texas in Denton and Plano, our team offers comprehensive care for HIV-positive patients, those with AIDS, and those at high risk of developing HIV. Call care and management services are private and confidential. Our compassionate staff provides patients with high-quality care.

Schedule an HIV self-care consultation in Denton or Plano, TX

We invite you to schedule an HIV self-care consultation with our team at Health Services of North Texas in either our Denton or Plano offices (our Wylie location does not provide HIV services). If you are HIV positive or at risk of developing HIV, it is important to start self-care medical treatment quickly. Please contact us. We also offer Ryan White Services for qualifying patients in the following counties: Denton, Collin, Dallas, Hunt, and Kaufman.