How Can I Manage My HIV At Home?

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Living with HIV can be scary, as it does not have a cure at this moment and could potentially evolve into AIDS if left unchecked. It is possible to manage your HIV and live a relatively normal lifestyle if you continue to take your antiviral medications and follow a few precautions at home.

Our goal at Health Services of North Texas is to provide treatment, physical care, and support for all of our patients. Here are a few tips to help you remain healthy while managing your HIV at home.

Exercise regularly

Be sure to exercise often, as HIV patients often lose muscle mass faster than others and struggle to burn fat. Regular exercise can help reduce the risk of muscle loss, and it produces endorphins that can burn off stressful feelings or ease depression symptoms.

Maintain a healthy diet

Be sure you look at how well you manage your diet to improve how well you can manage HIV. A balanced diet with plenty of whole grains and limited amounts of fat, sugar, and sodium can improve how well your body can absorb your HIV treatments. It is easier for your body to fend off various infections when you keep your diet under control.

Keep taking your medication even if you don’t have symptoms

Not all HIV patients will show the common side effects of this condition, but the most common symptoms include rashes, chills, fatigue, sore throat, and mouth ulcers. Be sure to keep taking your medications even when you aren’t showing symptoms because the regular use of your prescribed medications will control your viral load and reduce or stop its progression.

Keep your home clean and safe

Your body is more susceptible to various viruses and other conditions if your immune system is weakened. You can prevent yourself from being impacted by these conditions by regularly cleaning and sanitizing your home and your most commonly touched surfaces. Wash your hands frequently throughout the day, and avoid people that you know are ill. Be sure to also schedule your regular vaccinations to improve how well your immune system can manage these threats.

Avoid excess alcohol use

While long-term alcohol abuse is not healthy for anyone, people with HIV may have problems processing their anti-HIV drugs if their liver is damaged. Some medications react badly to alcohol or may might trigger unwanted side effects. It’s important to check with your doctor or pharmacist for guidelines on what you should and should not consume while taking antiviral medications.

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