Dr. Terrence Moore Joins HSNT

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Dr. Terrence Moore has practiced medicine in Denton, Texas for more than 40 years, bringing with him a wealth of experience and commitment to the community that he serves. With a passion to focus on medical care instead of managing the complexities of having his own practice, Dr. Moore joins Health Services of North Texas and is eager to continue to provide the same quality of service as he did at his private practice.


When I asked Dr. Moore, “What advice do you find yourself repeating over and over again to your patients?” his response was, “Exercise more, it is the best medicine.” His patient approach involves seeing each person as a unique individual that is valued. Dr. Moore is zealous about helping patients realize positive, measurable changes in chronic illnesses such as hypertension and diabetes. He delivers care with the utmost compassion and respect to all. Dr. Moore is passionate about helping patients in need and is looking forward to being able to provide care to more patients on a sliding fee scale.


Just to name a few of Dr. Moore’s accolades, he is a graduate of University of Texas Medical School, the Senior Airman Medical Examiner for the Federal Aviation Agency, a Certified Medical Director, served in the US Military with two years active duty and one of those years being in Viet Nam as a First Lieutenant. He is board-certified with the American Board of Family Practice. Dr. Moore’s leadership and commitment to the community are evident by his involvement in service. He serves on the Board of Directors for Woman to Woman Pregnancy Center and has held several esteemed positions in the medical community.


HSNT welcomes Dr. Moore’s patients to our organization. By joining Health Services of North Texas any of Dr. Moore’s existing patients that choose to make HSNT their medical home will have access to even more services and additional medical providers. I asked Clint Blackmon, a long time patient of Dr. Moore’s to describe his patient care, and his response was, “very thorough and complete with a track record of 35 years.”


With Dr. Moore’s move, HSNT will be able to increase access to care, especially for those patients who have Medicare and have struggled to find a medical provider. Dr. Moore’s arrival at HSNT will also pave the way for us to be able to accept HMO medical plans in the near future, providing a much needed resource for the Denton Community.


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