Denton Arts and Jazz Festival 2017

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Who knew what this weekend would bring with temperatures going as high as 88 on Friday evening with 110% humidity to a chilly wind coming through Saturday evening taking us down to a cool WINDY 46 by Sunday morning. Through the years many people have come to look forward to this weekend and they come out regardless of the elements.


As I enjoyed engaging our community at the festival this weekend, it felt like home. It had that familiar sense that you feel when all of your senses are in full overload with good positive memories. The smell of fair food, the sound of music, the laughter of children, and the relaxed atmosphere all came rushing in. And best of all, the familiar faces that I only get to see once a year at this event.


Our booth was set up ready to go with health education, fruits and veggies, a fun interactive game, banners up and outreach happening. I love what we do at the Denton Arts and Jazz Festival. The best part is when the kids ask, “can I spin it again?” eager to have me count their exercises and cheer them on.


The real engagement and work happens when you start to tell the adult about the services that you offer and their faces light up with hope. Here are just a few of the encounters that fuel my WHY.


“I’m 8 weeks pregnant and need prenatal care.”


“I just moved here and I don’t have a doctor. I’m struggling with depression, can your staff help?”


“My pediatrician is closing his office in Cross Roads and we need to find a new one.”


“I’m homeless and don’t have a doctor, can I come to your office?”


“Laurie Mottl is my “doctor” and I’ve gotten excellent care.”


“My family already benefits from your services.”


“We just moved to Denton and my daughter needs her immunizations, can you help? We don’t have insurance.”


“I’m friends with Donna Trammell and we are going to do a fundraiser for you in the fall.”


“Thank you for encouraging my children to eat their vegetables.”


As I engaged a teenager about our birth control services cautiously, she boldly said, “This is important, thank you for sharing with me. I need these services.”


These statements are my WHY, this is why I look for opportunities for our Outreach Team to engage the community. This is WHY I have chosen to give my time, talents and energy to this non-profit that I have come to love, Health Services of North Texas.


The children love the spinning wheel and are so proud when they can name all of the fruits and vegetables on my table. As each person walks away our hope is that they’ve had a positive, healthy encounter and remember Health Services of North Texas is just a phone call away when they need medical care, support services or advocacy.


This is my WHY.