How to Access Your Immunization Records - August 2023

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You might be starting a new job, or your kids are about to start a new year of school, but either way you need to get your immunization records. So how can you do that without calling and asking us to mail you a copy? Here's a step-by step guide using screenshots on how to access your health records, on either your computer or smart phone!


Log into your Healow Patient Portal account

Screenshot of patient portal w


Click on "Immunization Records" on the left side of your screen

Screenshot of patient portal


Click "Print" at the top-right of your screen

Screenshot of patient portal

At this time, the Healow smartphone app does not have the option to print these records from your phone. To get a print-ready copy of your records, you must visit the portal on a desktop or laptop computer. If you need assistance or extra help, please contact Healow support.