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A Serving Heart - HSNT Board Member Spotlight

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James Henderson

While it may work similar to a regular bank, one of a credit union’s biggest goals is to invest in the community and its people. Volunteerism, community contributions, and accessible banking are just a few ways it can achieve those goals – and DATCU is a credit union that works just like that.

One of HSNT’s longest-serving board members, James Henderson, works at DATCU as the Chief Information Officer. His job there involves making sure everyone’s banking information is safe, secure, and accessible to their members. What James brings to the table as an HSNT board member is his deep sense of community obligation and volunteerism, something that has always existed in his heart and that DATCU has fostered throughout his twenty years at the credit union.

“Credit union culture is about people helping people, and DATCU is especially supportive of their employees participating in community events and volunteering,” says James. “[DATCU] definitely was encouraging of volunteer opportunities like the Lions Club, which I’m a  member of. I bumped into HSNT through the Lions Club, and I just connected with them on a heart level.”

James grew up in eastern Tennessee, near Knoxville, and joined the Navy after high school. His four years of service in the military instilled in him a good sense of duty and hard work that he carried over to his time in college after the Navy, when he returned to Tennessee. There he met his wife, who was from Wichita Falls, close to Denton. As time passed, she wanted to finish her education at Texas Woman’s University, so both she and James made the decision to pack up and move out here together.

“I didn’t originally plan on putting down roots in Denton, but Denton grows on you!” says James.

During his time with the Denton Lions Club, James grew to enjoy his volunteering opportunities. By and large, these volunteer events were to benefit families and young children, like the Denton Back to School Fair and the Family Fun Health Night.

“I have one biological son and two adopted sons so [child healthcare], for sure, was something…with the Lion Club we do vision screenings for children [at the Back to School Fair ], but just the whole idea of putting healthcare in reach is a heart-level thing for me. So being involved here [with the Lion’s Club] and in my church’s children’s ministry helped to develop those connections.”

James came onto the HSNT board in 2018, and he contributes by leveraging his experience as a volunteer, a father, and a member of the North Texas community to help guide HSNT in the right direction.

“It’s a living, breathing discussion about the organization and how healthy it is, what the needs are in the community, and so forth. Obviously, we review, we [oversee] what the organization is doing…but it’s really an opportunity to give back. It’s about having a small piece in that gift to the community, the service that [HSNT] provides. I’m not a doctor – I can’t help people that way – but my contribution is most felt in the experience that I bring of helping run an organization.”

James continues to serve on the HSNT board, and when he’s not at a board meeting or at work with DATCU, James can be found here in Denton with his wife and two youngest sons.